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Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm PDT
with governor chris christie. the board walk is in ruins. >> looks like this pier was lifted by the ocean. >> when they arrived it means i've never seen water high, high as that. six, seven feet. >> in new york work continues to remove several feet of water from flooded subway tunnels. and mayor bloomberg rang the opening bell. much of lower manhattan is still without power. damage from sand gee also wide spread throughout the city. families had to be rescued from flood waters and in roc rockaways, the full extent of the destruction could be seen. a search underway for two brothers ages two and four who became separated from their mother when their car was submerged. strong winds and rain and snow continued to taus damage. the storm moves north. power is returning to millions on the east coast. >> you can make a donation to american red cross, text red cross to 90999 to donate $10. you can also call 1-800-red cross or just go to our web site for a link to the web site. your support will make sure people have shelter, warm meals and hope. >> still head on abc 7 news, get ready for those tr
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on governor christie. donny wahlberg turned to twitter to share his experience with the super storm, posting this tour of his flooded kitchen, asking fans not to worry saying everything is okay. in hollywood, business as usual. >> this put a lot of heart into this movie. a lot of, you know, personal put myself into it. >> and get more entertainment news i'm rachel smith in langs loongs. >> still ahead a late announcement today, george lucas sell his studio. plans for many films. >> the internet is down. what one company is doing to help fix that. >> teenagers and their smart phones. taking a look at apps connecting teens and concern that's come with them. >> that news is in martinez. the jail is shut down now. not accepting any new prisoners because of incidents that happen whtd last arrived. >> inmates now on lock down. officials tell us no deputies have been injured and will not say what happened. we'll continue to follow this for you on abc 7 ñ star wars saga will continue with another trilology. >> this as a deal was announced late today. don sanchez is in the newsroom with de
Nov 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
governor chris christie has given the a go head for atlantic city casinos to reopen. >> disney and abc making monday a day of giving. disney kicking off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting to give $10 to efforts. you can donate by falling 1-800-help now. >> your voice, your vote. the presidential candidates putting tier own sin on the latest jobs report. picked up a tenth of a percent to 7.9% in october. that is about 50,000 more than had been expected but say the rate went up because more people without jobs started looking for work again. >> president obama tried to sway voters told them this report proves the job market is gaining momentum. >> today our businesses have created five and a half million new jobs, companies hired more in octoberl time in the last eight months. >> mitt romney spin numbers another way in wisconsin calling the report a sad reminder the economy is a virtual stand still. he blames the president. >> they said he's going to lower unemployment rate down to 5.2% now. today, we've learned it's 7.9%. that is nine million j
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3